Should We Use Hidden Cameras To Prevent and Lower College Campus Burglaries?

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High Percentage Of Device Ownership

Imagine you’re a student living on campus, maybe you are, and you learn of a recent burglary in one of the nearby dorms. You’ll start to worry about your own safety.

Nowadays, majority of students own laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other high tech, high priced devices.

Source: - Data collected from two University-wide surveys about device ownership.

As you can see in the figure above, nearly all students on campus own a mobile device, with over 50% of them owning a tablet.


This is enough reason for a burglar to target a campus. reports that nearly 64% of convicted burglars said that they’ve taken electronics during a burglary - the easiest devices to grab being smartphones, laptops, cameras, and tablets.


In order to potentially prevent and reduce burglary on campus we can use hidden cameras to:


Identify The Burglar

One of the main reasons for using a camera on private property is to obtain footage of any suspicious behavior.

Getting the burglar on camera is a huge benefit. It gives the authorities a chance to identify and catch them.

Also, if the burglar is aware that they were caught on camera, there’s a good chance they won’t return to that same area.

Even so, it’s still scary to know that someone broke into your ‘living space’.


Make It Aware That Camera Is On Site

Have you ever seen signs on buildings that said, ‘This property is protected by surveillance cameras’?

Putting up a sign stating something like “Surveillance Camera On Site” is a good way to scare of a burglar.

Put the sign up on your dorm window, your door, and on your wall to guarantee that no one will miss it.

And because you’re using a hidden camera, it’ll be very difficult for anyone to determine exactly what or where your camera is.


Type Of Camera


Something Passive

Let’s say the burglar ignores the sign or just completely misses it. It’ll be important that we’re using the right type of hidden camera.

Remember in the beginning of the article when I said burglars tend to steal small electronic devices? Well, your hidden camera should not be in the form of an electronic device, such as a table clock or a radio.

Use something more passive such as the Mirror Hidden Camera or the Thermometer Hidden Camera. There’s a better chance that the burglar will pay it no mind and walk right past it.


Night Vision

While burglaries occur at different times of the day, there’s still a chance they can break in at night.

Which is why it’s best to use a hidden camera with built-in night vision.

The Smoke Detector and AC Adapter hidden cameras come with built-in night vision so you’ll be able to catch the thief regardless of time of day. 


Motion Detection

You don’t want to waste footage when nothing is happening. So it’s equally important to have a camera with built-in motion detection.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera With Built-in DVR

The Smoke Detector Hidden Camera, as mentioned above, also comes with built-in motion detection. 

It will only start recording when it senses movement. If it doesn’t sense movement for a few minutes, it will stop recording.

This way you won’t have worry about looking through hours of useless footage.


Suite Mate’s Experience

In my senior year of college, I had a friend who would steal snacks from his suite-mate.

We’ll call the suite-mate Bob for anonymity purposes.

Bob always made sure to stock up on chips, cookies, and sugar candies. He would also occasionally forget to lock his room door.

So, whenever Bob would go to the bathroom or grab some food at the dining facility, my friend would use the opportunity to steal from him.

Students like Bob can guard themselves against these types of situations by locking their doors, but there’ll be times when they’ll forget to do so.

Keeping a hidden camera with motion detection on at all times will guarantee that you’ll catch who’s been snooping around your personal belongings.



Before considering setting up a hidden camera in your dorm room, there must be some conditions that should be met.


Student Cannot Have A Roommate

It’s important to note that if you have someone that shares the room with you, there’s a good chance that you won’t be allowed to use a hidden camera.

It’s acceptable if you’re roommate gives you permission to set up one in the room, but if not, you’ll be intruding on their privacy.

And I don’t think that that’s something you want to deal with.


You Alone Have Access To Camera

The purpose of a hidden camera is, well, to remain hidden, and also to be kept a secret.

Telling all your friends and even family about your camera will jeopardize its ability to remain hidden from the untrained eye.

Keep the true identity of your smoke detector or thermostat a secret from as many people as possible. You don’t know who might be listening to your conversation.

Have you experienced similar experiences? Would a hidden camera have helped?

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