Hidden Camera Video Reveals Malfunctioning Water Meter in Cleveland, Which Created $3000 Customer Bill

 Water Meter

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Hey Cleveland!

So, apparently, this has been an occurring issue where Cleveland residents would receive water and sewer bills that accumulated to crazy high amounts. Most of them unexplainable, and some residents were told that their meter was malfunctioning for the past few months so they had to make up the difference for which they had not paid.


Cosmo Beradinelli received a $3000 quarterly water and sewer bill last November. After calling the water department, Beradinelli was told that he was being billed for water that ran 24 hours a day for three months straight, which he states is impossible.


As shown in the video below, News 5 Cleveland set up a hidden camera that captured water department meter readers informing Beradinelli about his meter’s status, stating that, “something may be going on with the meter,” “the computer itself is saying that there are no leaks,” and “I can’t see how your bill would jump that high.”


Beradinelli was able to get Councilman Michael Polenseck to call the water department to schedule a Water Review Board Hearing.


But Beradinelli was still given an $800 bill even after the board found “the lack of a properly functioning meter.”


News 5 investigative journalists Ron Regan went on to question Cleveland Public Utilities Director Robert L. Davis why this issue is common with so many Cleveland residents.


Davis responded by saying, “that’s not exactly true”…“we’ve made great strides in this area and we will continue to improve billing. There are exceptions, not the rule”


After all the tireless work Beradinelli put into solving his issue with the water company, he still receives water bills amounting to hundreds of dollars.


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