Hidden Camera Catches Stranger Living In Man’s Closet

Japanese style sliding doors closet

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Although this is an old story from way back in 2008, I thought it would be interesting to share. There are so many ways you and I can use a hidden camera. So many ways to utilize it so that it can prove beneficial in one way or another. But this is one that I cannot wrap my head around.


This guy actually caught a woman living in his closet! Seriously? And she had been living there for MONTHS. That just amazes me.


The Japanese man, who is unnamed in the article, set up a hidden camera and connected it to his phone after noticing that food was disappearing from his kitchen. Only a day later, to his surprise, he found that his hidden camera captured photographs of a woman eating his food while he was gone.


The man immediately notified police. Upon arriving to the man’s house, the police realized that all doors and windows were locked and that there was no forced entry. That led them to search the entire house, every location where someone could hide. After an extensive search, they discovered the woman hiding in the top of an unused cupboard where she apparently had been living for several months. The woman told police, “I didn’t have anywhere to live.”


The woman told police that she had moved into the cupboard about a year ago, when the owner had stepped out and left his door unlocked. The cupboard was located in a room that the man rarely used.


That is sad to hear indeed, but definitely surprising how she was able to live in the man’s residence for months undetected given that she did use the shower and toilet. I imagine it must have required some really careful maneuvering.


The full story can be found at telegraph.co.uk.

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