Amazing Hidden Camera Video Shows Toddler Rescuing His Twin Brother From Under Dresser

Home surveillance camera captured footage of 2-year old Bowdy attempting to pull his brother Brock from under a dresser.


As seen in the video below, the boys were climbing onto the drawers until the dresser came tumbling down.


After almost 2 minutes, Bowdy was able to free his brother from under the dresser.

It wasn’t until the boys’ mother had woken up a while later and checked a surveillance camera when she realized the dresser on the ground.


The boys’ father, Ricky Shoff, had surveillance cameras installed all throughout the house.


He told CNN, "We were hesitant to post this video initially, but a lot of parents have probably made the same mistake that we made, they don't have their furniture secured or bolted to a wall."


"Our house is very childproof. We are really cautious about all this stuff, so it never really crossed our minds that something like this could happen," he continued.


Fortunately, Ricky Shoff was able to get his message across effectively with the help of the footage captured by his surveillance cams. 


The parents are also able to continuously monitor their children from wherever they have cameras installed.

The Oil Painting Camera for example allows you to view remotely from your smart phone or tablet as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

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